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Driving Directions

  • Five Trees
    #1 Main Street, Route 6A
    Yarmouth Port, MA 02675
    Phone: (508) 362-2535

  • Take 95 North to Providence, to 195 East

  • Take exit 20 towards East Providence/Cape Cod (which has 2 lanes, take the left hand lane; the right-hand lane becomes an exit only)

  • Then follow the Cape Cod signs

  • Take exit 22A onto 25

  • Take exit 2 onto Route 6 for Sagamore

  • Follow the signs for the Sagamore Bridge

  • Take exit 1 off the bridge (Route 6A); you will go through the edge of Sandwich & Barnstable for 16 miles (it's a very pretty drive!)

  • When you see the “Entering Yarmouth” sign take the first driveway immediately after the sign on your right (between the two white mailboxes and red reflectors) for #1 Main Street (Route 6A); my driveway is across the street from Anthony's Cummaquid Inn which has a blue sign

  • Drive up the hill, there's a parking area on your right
    For the cottage: It's the building at the top of the driveway to the right of the main house

  • For the townhouse: The entrance is the red door on the left side of the main house (if I'm not here, it will be open)

  • Driving Tip (if you're in a super hurry): After you go over the Sagamore Bridge, take Route 6 to exit 7 (Willow Street); make a right on Willow Street and take the first left after the railroad tracks onto Cross Street (Railroad Avenue) which turns and exits left onto Route 6A

Driving Distances

  • It’s 250 miles total from New York to #1 Main Street (Route 6A), Five Trees

  • From New York to New Haven is 70 miles; 180 miles remaining

  • From New Haven to New London is 55 miles; 125 miles remaining (you’re halfway there)

  • From New London to the Massachusetts border is 55 miles; 70 miles remaining

  • From the Massachusetts border to the Sagamore Bridge is 55 miles; 15 miles remaining

  • From the Sagamore Bridge to #1 Main street (Route 6A) is 16.5 miles
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Five Trees Cape Cod | 1 Main Street, Route 6A, Yarmouth Port, MA 02675

Phone: (508) 681-2159